Costa Farms Snake, Sansevieria 4.25-Inch Wide Mid-Century Modern Planter and Plant Stand Set Fits on Shelves/Tabletops, 8 Tall, Grower's Choice



  • The Snake Plant features stiff, upright, sword-like leaves banded or edged in gray, silver, or gold.
  • Add life to any room at home, a porch or patio, or share the green with the office
  • Grows best near a sunny window, can tolerate low light. Water when the top couple inches of the soil are dry
  • Height at shipping is approximately 8-Inches tall, measured from the bottom of the pot to the top of the plant
  • Ships in a premium white, 4.5-inch diameter ceramic planter with an easy-to-assemble plant stand. To avoid water spillage, this container does not have holes