Laundry Room Lint Bin - Dryer Balls Storage, Space-Saving Trash Container, Magnetic Strip for Metal Washer and Dryer, Hole Hanger for Wall Mount - Decorative Dryer Sheets Storage - Small, Gray



  • ✅ EASY DISPOSAL OF LINT – Finally, a holder made especially for the lint build-up you often encounter in your dryer. Feel free to stash in your dryer sheets and other laundry debris as well.
  • ✅ SPACE SAVER – Our bin comes with a magnetic backing so you can attach it directly to the side of your washing machine or dryer. You may also mount it on the wall using its built-in keyhole hanger.
  • ✅ KEEPS YOUR MACHINE IN SHAPE – Failure to clean the lint screen of your dryer can cause problems like clothes feeling warm but not dry. When this bin is within sight, you won’t forget to clean up!
  • ✅ STURDY & SLEEK – Made of durable plastic material, our bins are built to last and designed to fight against rust and corrosion. Plus, its neutral color blends perfectly with your interiors.
  • ✅ RECYCLE AND GET CRAFTY! – Don’t let your lint go to waste. There are many ways you can put it to good use, such as for lining planters, adding to compost, and making paper mache or play clay for kids.